How to Keep Pigeons Away from your Balcony

Pigeon standing on balcony
Pigeon standing on balcony

We clean a lot of balconies that have pigeon issues throughout the year. Even if you like birds, it is not pleasant to have a bunch of pigeons on your balcony all the time. They can create a mess on your balcony floor, windows and walls. And let’s face it; you don’t want to clean up the bird poop daily. So, is there anything you can do to prevent pigeons from entering your balcony? Yes, there are some ways that can help you keep pigeons away from your balcony and get rid of their mess. However, before coming to the point, we’ll see why people want to keep pigeons away.

Are Pigeons Dangerous Birds?

To be honest, pigeons are not necessarily dangerous, but at the same time, you don’t want to have them around. Usually, these birds do not attack people. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no other threats associated with them. The biggest thing you may worry about is zoonotic diseases that can be dangerous for humans. Pigeons can be carriers of mites and fleas. With their presence in your balcony, mites can enter your home to attack your pets and your skin causing irritation and itchiness. In case of pigeons bite, they can spread dangerous infections to humans and pets. Another big concern about pigeons residing on your balcony is their poop. It doesn’t only feel nasty but it is also corrosive in nature that can damage things. Pigeon poop is acidic in nature and it could cause damage to your balcony over time. Pigeons’ droppings are also dangerous for humans. A fungus that grows in their droppings causes histoplasmosis that affects the lungs. This is the reason if a pigeon has pooped over your balcony, it is extremely important to clean it. Make sure to wear a mask while cleaning to keep yourself protected. For a proper cleaning with disinfection to eradicate any chances of possible infections, hiring a professional balcony cleaning company like Balcony Cleaners is always a wise decision.

Effective Ways to Keep Pigeons Away from Your Balcony.

Pigeons are a real nuisance and can be quite the problem on your balcony. You might think that keeping them away is impossible, but with these tips, you will find out that it is very easy to keep those pesky pigeons from coming back.

1.    Remove Food Sources:

Pigeons are not afraid of humans and they will be very persistent when looking for food, so expect their return if you don’t do anything about it. The first thing that you can try is to remove any source of food or water from your balcony. Pigeons need both in order to survive, plus bread crumbs might be a great source of protein for them.

Keep away all food sources from your balcony. Pigeons will come to the area if they find any of their favorite foods such as bread crumbs. – Don’t leave any pot or place with water open on your balcony as it can attract pigeons to stay around the area. – Keep away your plant pots from the balcony. Pigeons will destroy them while looking for food in it or make a mess out of the soil while looking for food. – Clean your balcony thoroughly with water to remove any leftover seeds or bread crumbs that pigeons might consider as food.

2. Keep Your Balcony Clean:

Keep away all the clutter from your balcony as it can attract pigeons to stay around the area. They will be looking for any food or shelter and they will make a mess by making nests of these things.

3. Use Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are an effective way to keep pigeons away. They work by discouraging the birds from landing on surfaces that have these spikes installed. Pigeons can’t land or sit down on surfaces with sharp objects sticking out of them, so they avoid anything where they might injure themselves. Birds don’t like their feet getting pierced and will look for safer options. They also don’t like to be stuck in place or unable to move, so they won’t stand on areas that inhibit their movement. That’s why birds spikes are effective at keeping pigeons away and can even stop them from coming back!

4. Recommended: Cover Your Balcony with Pigeon Netting

Pigeon nets physically keep pigeons and other pests from accessing your balcony.

One (and our recommended) way of keeping pigeons away from your balcony is by covering it with a mesh or net, which prevents them from accessing your balcony. By doing this you will not have to clean up after pigeons and the birds will not be able to cause any damage. This is an inexpensive measure that can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

5. Using Ultrasound Pigeon Repellers

Ultrasonic sound waves are used in Ultrasound Pigeon Repellers to repel pigeons. These ultra-sound wave generators produce high-frequency sounds that cannot be heard by humans and animals but can be very irritating for birds like pigeons, sparrows, and crows. The noise produced through these devices helps in keeping the pigeons away from your premises.

Birds have better hearing abilities compared to humans and they are very sensitive to high-frequency sounds produced by these devices. These birds can easily hear the ultrasonic waves up to a distance of 200 meters only but they soon get used to it after which they will not be bothered at all. There are chances that these birds will try to get away from the area by flying for some time but after a certain period of time, they might again come back.

But, there is no need to worry as these devices produce ultrasonic sounds in such a way that it does not affect humans and pets living inside the house or working in your backyard. You can keep them on all day and night without any fear of causing harm to the animals.

These ultrasonic sound waves are safe for humans, plants, domestic pets but can be very harmful to birds like pigeons. They will try their best to get away from these devices by flying in some other direction where they cannot hear this sound produced.

6. Use a Pigeon Repellent

If you want to keep pigeons away from your garden or house, consider making a repellent spray. Making the repellent will help in keeping the birds off and it is also very easy if not better than buying one due to its affordability factor. It works like this: you put some of the solutions into a container that has a spout. Next, you need to find a high perch for the pigeons to sit on before spraying them with this solution. Now, when they fly you down from their perches and land back in your yard or garden, they will immediately start getting irritated by its smell. The repellent spray is enough of an irritant that it will chase them away.

7. Use Reflective Surfaces

Pigeons are known to be very sensitive creatures as they can easily sense any disturbances around them and fly away from the area as soon as they feel frightened or disturbed by anything, even if it’s just an abrupt sound of something hitting against their feet on the ground. Some people have had moderate success keeping pigeons away by using reflective surfaces on the balcony. One such surface you can use is a mirror as it creates an illusion that there’s another pigeon in front of them which will scare them away.

Other useful reflective items to keep pigeons at bay is metal strips, old CD-s or DVD-s you do not need, or tapes like aluminum foil tape, copper mesh wire, and metal netting that reflect light.

The Last Words

Pigeon themselves may not be toxic or harmful to humans and pets, but their droppings and the fleas and mites they carry may cause serious medical issues not only to animals beings but to humans as well.

By using the above tips, you can successfully keep away pigeons from your balcony and enjoy your outdoor space. If your balcony has been home to pigeons for a long period, it is recommended to get it cleaned with a professional balcony cleaner to eliminate any chances of infections.